New: Automatic Instagram Likes!

Why should I buy Instagram Followers and Likes?
In commonly working with Artist, Record Labels, Businesses, and Public Figures we see how important image is and numbers speak LOUDLY! Don't loose out on your next customer or fan because of the perceived lack of importance that comes with low numbers!
How long does is take to receive my followers?
Followers can take up to 3 days to deliver due to high demand, but will usually be delivered in 24 hours.
Can I split my order for different usernames?
Yes. Splitting your order in half for two different accounts is no problem at all.
Will my followers drop off?
No. Your followers most definitely should not drop off, but in the rare case that they do just email us to replenish them. You are covered for up to a year! We are confident in our service.
Will Instagram Ban me?
No. Our team has supplied 1,000s of businesses and clients and we have never had a account banned due to our services. So you can be at ease when you shop with us.
Are these followers real?
Yes they are in the sense that they will have real photos bio information etc. But they are not Active followers. If you are interested in real targeted Instagram followers please contact us through the contact page.
  • They've really helped me to grow as an artist, and the prices are Crazy Low!

    Richard Mcfall
    EWE Entertainment
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